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DHQ Interactive Media Submission Guidelines

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DHQ encourages research creators to submit original interactive works for review. These works should be an original use of interactivity and design in educational, research, or creative communication. Suitable works could include (but are not limited to):

  • An original hypertext fiction
  • An online educational application or game
  • A text analysis tool
  • An interactive visualization
  • A streaming media work
  • An original interactive digital artwork


To submit a work please send us:

  • A 1 to 5 page Statement of Purpose that identifies the creators, provides an overview of the work, discusses the original contribution of the work, and discusses its reception or evaluation, where suitable. The Statement should place the work in a theoretical, technical and historical context. This Statement will be used as the basis for a published author's statement regarding the work, should it be selected for publication.
  • One to five screen images that are approximately 400 by 400 pixels. These should illustrate the design of the work. Higher resolution images may be provided where appropriate.
  • You should also provide us access to a working version, whether on the web or CD-ROM. If the work is an installation you should provide us with appropriate documentation like a QuickTime video of the installation's use. The documentation should not take more than half an hour to review.


The work will be peer reviewed in terms of the Statement of Purpose by a committee of digital humanities scholars. We will ask if the work is original, non-trivial, and if it achieves what the Statement of Purpose says it was supposed to. Further, we will review it in terms of best practices in the field.


If a work is accepted and, if the work can be mounted on the Internet, then we will expect an installable copy that can mounted and maintained by DHQ for five years. It is understood on submission that the creators have negotiated all rights to the work and its parts and that they provide DHQ a non-exclusive license to publish the work. The Statement of Purpose and accompanying images and documentation will be tagged and made available for the life of the journal.

We expect the installable version to not need special server configuration. We also expect it to be virus and malaware free. In the event that the version submitted is deemed to be malicious we will publish a note to that effect.