If you run a membership organisation you may be considering software to help you manage your database and streamline your processes. But how can such a system help your business?

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Benefits of a membership management system

Firstly, and probably most importantly, all your data will be in one place. This allows you to easily integrate your data to find trends and create member profiles. This will help to significantly improve your marketing efforts as campaigns can be more highly targeted. A membership management system will also automatically process your renewals and invoicing for you. If it’s set up correctly and has the functionality, your members will also be able to have a portal that they can access to view details about their membership.

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If you run events, a membership software package should also be able to help you coordinate your efforts in this area too.

If you’re storing your clients or members data you should, of course, always be mindful of the GDPR regulations which were recently introduced. The Register provides some guidance if you’re unsure about how these regulations affect you.

If you’re looking at membership management systems, companies such as https://www.ofec.co.uk/web-and-software-development-services/membership-management-systems.aspx have nearly twenty years’ experience.

Five questions to ask potential suppliers

Firstly, it’s worth establishing how long they have been providing this type of software. Do they have the experience to provide the services they are pitching? What about customer testimonials to back up what they’re saying about the products and services they provide? Any supplier worth their salt will have no qualms letting you speak to their existing customers?

They say that people buy from people. So actually, it’s not always the latest, cutting edge or most expensive product that people buy, they buy from people that they like. This is particularly important with software where you’re going to have to sit down and discuss the nitty gritty of your business to ensure that they understand your vision and goals. You’re also likely to have long-term, ongoing support relationship with them so it’s important that you understand and like each other. What about integration with existing software? There’s not always much point in streamlining one area of your business if it’s a manual process to transfer information to another system.

Finally, are they able to deliver on your timescales?

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