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Digital display signage is an electronic display platform used to deliver information about company products and services, advertising and brand awareness. It does this through an electronic display platform via high-quality video and graphics. It is estimated that the industry will be worth a whopping $20bn ($15.6bn) by 2020.

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In an age in which consumers no longer respond to ads in print, signage that is digital is being seen as a more effective way of increasing a company’s client base. Let’s look at some of the benefits.

Increased recall and retention

Digital displays are viewed 400 per cent more than static displays and have a recall rate of 83 per cent, which is much higher than traditional media. Eight out of ten customers enter a shop or establishment because a sign stood out and caught their attention.

Increase in revenue

Sales increase by up to 33 per cent for brands that use digital display signage. Signboards can deliver messages about promotions and special offers direct to customers at the point at which they are looking to make a purchase.

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Low cost

Digital signage reduces the need for printing; therefore, companies that take advantage of it reduce the need for items such as menu boards, posters, brochures and even traditional billboards. Use of this type of signage reduces the cost of logistics and storage of such marketing materials, not only reducing spending but also saving time.

Easily deployable

The great thing about digital sign boards from specialists such as is that they can be easily changed and optimised at any time to suit your target market. The design can also be sent quickly and easily to other branches in a matter of minutes. There are cloud-based platforms that allow for easy creation, deployment and maintenance of adverts.

Digital connectivity

One of the other benefits of this type of signage is that it can be combined with content from social media and display RSS feeds and even weather updates while advertising products and services. It can also be a great tool for streaming videos about certain products and services that can be used to drive the message of the brand. It has been proved that linking social media alongside the information of your products both reinforces trust and promotes the brand.

A hybrid material is made up of two separate components joined at a molecular level. Significant research has led to the development of hybrid polymers, which are ideal for use as sealants or adhesives. These materials combine the benefits of polyurethanes and silicones in a silane-curing organic polymer. These high-performing materials bring significant advantages, as detailed below, with easy handling and also conform to stringent environmental specifications.

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The low viscosity levels of these hybrid polymers mean no plasticizers or solvents are required in their production. This low viscosity also means the polymers can be processed easily, have a wide tolerance in formulation and have excellent mechanical properties.

Hybrid polymers can set extremely quickly without blistering due to the rapidity of the curing rate and will not require the use of a primer for most conventional materials. Alpha-silane technology is used as the mechanism for curing, which allows adhesives and sealants to be developed with no risk to health and therefore no need to be classified as a hazardous substance. They are highly elastic, as is typically found with silicones. The advantages these hybrid polymers have also include those similar to polyurethanes, such as being paintable and their impressive mechanical strength.

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Hybrid polymers are considered an environmentally friendly option as they do not contain isocyanates or solvents. In addition, tin catalysts are not required during the curing process as it uses alpha-silane technology as the curing mechanism.


Technology is constantly evolving in the arena of hybrid polymers, so further uses are being developed all the time, as discussed by Northwestern University.

With the significant advantages outlined above, these hybrid polymers are ideal for do-it-yourself tasks in the home and for industrial use. They are perfect replacements for the bonding materials traditionally used on wood, parquet, mirrors and electric lighting networks. There are even hybrid polymers available now for use as metal bonding adhesives, such as those from A metal bonding adhesive can bond metal to metal but also attach metal to brickwork, wood and plastic.

Hybrid polymers should also be considered for more demanding uses, such as on boats or in sporting grounds. The construction industry is relying more and more on liquid waterproofing membranes, which hybrid polymers are contributing to significantly. It is an exciting and expanding industry.

If you’re in charge of a control centre, it’s tough keeping up with the fast-paced environment and constantly evolving technologies. An efficient call centre takes a lot of investment of time and cost. You’ll want the best technologies and equipment, so your staff can concentrate on the task at hand – which is generating as much revenue as possible for your business. Combined with the right strategies, you will want the best technology for optimum customer experience. An experience with no delays, no being put on hold and a service your customers will want to return to time and again. Here are some ideas:

Cloud-based tech

Cloud-based technology is a great way to save money and also effectively open up remote working for your employees as well. It gives you far greater flexibility and can help towards many of your different business goals. For an International voip wholesale provider, visit for more information.

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Mobile experience

Everything these days is about ease of use for mobile devices and smart phones. Having a solid focus on improving the mobile experience will guarantee a smoother, faster and easier service for your customers. Visual IVR is highly popular and enables a greater level of self-service abilities for smart devices. It helps call centres to deal with their customers in a more seamless and personalised manner. Your customers will see things like waiting times, queue position and assistance without ever needing to be put on hold. Management will also see real-time updates and historical data to make it easier to see what’s happening within the call centre.

Automatic call back

Nobody likes being put on hold, especially long holds which frustrate and annoy customers. You lose respect as a business and people will think twice before dealing with you again. That’s what makes automatic call back such a useful tool. Customers are able to leave their number and an agent will call them back when they are free to assist. It’s a service that makes life much easier for customer and call centre agent alike.

Social media

Having easy access to social media is another must in today’s digital world. If you improve this experience, allowing customers to communicate with you via various social media platforms, you are also freeing up call centre staff by receiving a lower volume of calls.

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Video communications

Video chat can be another useful tool in building a rapport between agent and customer. Video chats can also be implemented to provide a self-service troubleshooting option, providing a great method of visual instruction and empowering the customer to solve their issues quickly and efficiently. By combining effective strategies and integrating useful technology, it’s always possible to bring something new to the table in terms of improving the call centre experience. This will result in considerable time and money savings, helping your business to become more profitable.

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