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If you run a membership organisation you may be considering software to help you manage your database and streamline your processes. But how can such a system help your business?

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Benefits of a membership management system

Firstly, and probably most importantly, all your data will be in one place. This allows you to easily integrate your data to find trends and create member profiles. This will help to significantly improve your marketing efforts as campaigns can be more highly targeted. A membership management system will also automatically process your renewals and invoicing for you. If it’s set up correctly and has the functionality, your members will also be able to have a portal that they can access to view details about their membership.

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If you run events, a membership software package should also be able to help you coordinate your efforts in this area too.

If you’re storing your clients or members data you should, of course, always be mindful of the GDPR regulations which were recently introduced. The Register provides some guidance if you’re unsure about how these regulations affect you.

If you’re looking at membership management systems, companies such as have nearly twenty years’ experience.

Five questions to ask potential suppliers

Firstly, it’s worth establishing how long they have been providing this type of software. Do they have the experience to provide the services they are pitching? What about customer testimonials to back up what they’re saying about the products and services they provide? Any supplier worth their salt will have no qualms letting you speak to their existing customers?

They say that people buy from people. So actually, it’s not always the latest, cutting edge or most expensive product that people buy, they buy from people that they like. This is particularly important with software where you’re going to have to sit down and discuss the nitty gritty of your business to ensure that they understand your vision and goals. You’re also likely to have long-term, ongoing support relationship with them so it’s important that you understand and like each other. What about integration with existing software? There’s not always much point in streamlining one area of your business if it’s a manual process to transfer information to another system.

Finally, are they able to deliver on your timescales?

A cold storage room is reliable and will work even during a power cut. By preserving food for longer and minimising waste, a cold storage room will save you money. However, these practical storage areas are often under-used.

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Here are seven tips on how to make the most out of your cold room.

1. Keep Wine

If you are a connoisseur, the cold storage room is the obvious place to keep your precious bottles. You simply need a wine rack – don’t forget other drinks too.

2. Store Vegetables and Fruit

Potatoes, onions and other root vegetables from your garden or the farmers’ market thrive in cold storage. Add hanging baskets to store them – this will protect the bottoms of the vegetables from damage, and they are easy to grab.

Fruit can go off very quickly at room temperature, so a cold storage room is ideal.

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3. Store Cans

If you like canning vegetables and fruits, your cold storage room is just the ticket. To optimise space, put in some extra shelves.

4. Store Winter Clothing

You can do more than just store food in your cold storage room. It is perfect for storing your winter clothes during the summer. They will be clean, dry and safe. To make storage easier, add a dowel rod for hanging clothes on, or buy some moveable plastic bins.

5. Store Seasonal Decorations

Your cold storage room is perfect for keeping seasonal decorations. Consider using transparent plastic bins so you can check what is inside. Separate the bins out by holiday, and label them so you can easily find the relevant one.

6. Store Pet Food

Your pet food will be nice and fresh if you store it here with your own food. Buy bins or buckets that can be tightly sealed to keep rodents away.

You could investigate Commercial Cold Rooms such as those from

More cold storage suggestions are covered here:

7. Use Wall Space

With so many items that can be stored in your cold storage room, you need to pay attention to more than just the floor space. Wall space can be utilised too, creating an even more practical area. Adding cupboard space and shelving along the walls is effective and adds appeal and value to your home.

E-commerce is flourishing ever since the 90s and many people are getting into this field. From dropshipping to regular online retailing, more and people are finding this profitable. One common question that most aspiring e-commerce sellers have is, “what to sell?” Here, we will tell you why selling boys clothing online is profitable along with coming up with other relevant products.

Why sell baby clothes online?

Following reasons will help you understand why selling baby clothes and accessories online is a smart move:

  1. Growing stage

The baby industry is still in a growing stage in terms of e-commerce. Far too many people are into adult clothing brands. Most people think that adults think about fashion and variety when it comes to clothing themselves. However, parents too want to have the best for their children. Thus, getting creative in this field can take you far.

  1. Useful

If you have seen baby products springing up here and there, you’d still want features that can help. Previously, baby products had little innovation because it was more about comfort than style. Now, people focus on improving quality, features, and also the look and feel.

  1. Helpful

New parents hardly have the time to go to a supermarket to buy baby food. Buying clothing and accessories can be more challenging. Giving them an option to buy clothes and accessories online helps to get the products at home.

  1. Style

You will find more designs and options online than a selected store in a mall. Baby products are ever-evolving and competitors focus on getting the best. As mentioned, people now focus on both quality and style, so you have more options to buy.

  1. Sizes are definite

People who are finicky about buying clothes online mostly fear about the size. With babies, you don’t have that problem at all. There are fixed sizes for baby clothing and it remains the same irrespective of the brand. It helps both manufacturers and retailers to be specific about the production and sizing charts. Even when parents are ordering baby clothes online, they know the exact size and if you order one too large, your bub will grow into it anyway!

  1. All under one tab

Many times you don’t get all the accessories and clothing options from one store in the market. However, choosing a useful and reliable online brand helps you get all you need under one tab. This also saves time and allows you to research and buy the best options.

  1. Growth

The baby industry is rapidly growing because there is so much to sell. From bibs and headbands to rompers and toys, you get everything online. Online retailers selling the most of what parents and a baby can need, eliminate the absolute requirement of outdoor shopping.

All of these sum up why the baby industry is growing and how aspiring entrepreneurs can take an idea. Adding style, quality, and variety to baby products is the key approach to attract customers. The benefits of selling baby clothes are endless and that increases the probability of growth.

We want a lot these days, and we are becoming increasingly impatient. When we want something, we want it now. At the same time, we want to be ahead of trends. We want to be the first to try new things, but we would rather have them brought to us than leave our homes.

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This means there is plenty of scope for interesting and unusual delivery services bringing exciting products directly to our homes. We are time-poor and looking to be more efficient, although we might also be a little spoilt and lazy! 

Deliveroo is now a household name, but there are plenty more delivery services waiting to break through.

Blue Apron

Healthy eating continues to be huge, with schemes such as HelloFresh encouraging us to cook more interesting meals from scratch. Blue Apron offers a similar service in the US and brings a whole week’s worth of fresh ingredients directly to your home. It offers oriental menus and a weekly menu breakdown online.

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Postmates is another US-based company. It will collect food from your favourite restaurant, Deliveroo-style, but goes one step further and can bring items from a supermarket via a website or app around the clock. Perhaps you don’t fancy leaving the house to collect a prescription or your dry cleaning – leave it to Postmates.

Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is a US-based business that helps you to stay bang on trend with the latest fashions without having to set foot on the high street. By registering a few short details about your size, style and budget, Stitch Fix will choose outfits and deliver them to you. There is a styling fee; however, after this, you are only charged for what you keep.

For more interesting and unusual delivery services, see the selection found by the Huffington Post.

If you need something taken somewhere rather than delivered to you, there are – of course – services to help you with this; for example, businesses such as offer the services of a man and van in Slough to help with residential or commercial removals.

With new businesses popping up all the time, there is lots of scope for finding something new and plenty of demand if you have an idea for a startup of your own.

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